Civil Matters


Our lawyers holds experience and skills to defend individuals in civil legal matters. S.K. Law Associates will help you to hire a top rated civil lawyer in Madhya Pradesh to file or defend property matters, matrimonial and family matters, recovery matters, employment matters and any other matters falling under civil law.

Civil Laws in India

Civil law deals with behavior that constitutes an injury to an individual or other private party, such as a corporation. Examples are defamation (including libel and slander), breach of contract, negligence resulting in injury or death, and property damage. Laws that govern individuals in all aspects other than criminal conduct collectively are called civil laws. Civil laws include property laws, matrimonial and family laws, employment laws among others.

Who are affected by civil laws ?

Any individual who has been wronged under any civil law i.e. Property laws, matrimonial laws, family laws, labor laws to name a few.

Why do you need a civil lawyer ?

A civil lawyer can apply the required insight and legal expertise to help you file or defend yourself in a civil suit.

Matters pertaining to the Civil Law Such as: